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Company Profile
Hangzhou Fuchuan Electric Equipment Co., Ltd (FCEEC), formerly known as Fuyang Electric Power Accessories Factory (Government), founded in 1996, is a professional manufacturing company engaged in power transformer accessories, high and lower voltage complete power equipment and transmission line hardware & fittings. Our company is located in a scenic suburb of Dongzhou Industrial Zone of Fuyang District, Hangzhou.
FCEEC was adopted ISO9001:2000 quality system certification in 2011 and level three measurement of confirmation from Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in 2012. The company was identified as High -tech enterprises in Zhejiang province and awarded many honorary titles for successive years, like AAA Credit enterprise, enterprise of abiding by strictly contract and being trust worthy, Fuyang Civilization Unit, etc.
With the successful restructuring in 2005, our company has transformed gradually from the simple R & D, processing and manufacturing of transformer accessories to the complete sets of R & D, processing and manufacturing of primary and secondary equipment. Through the cooperation with domestic and foreign EPC contractors, the complete project of the company has also achieved outstanding results.
At present, FCEEC products and services mainly include the production and delivery of 500KV and below transformer accessories, R & D and manufacturing of 110KV and below power transformer, high and low voltage switch cabinet including KYN61-40.5, KYN28A-12, XGN2-12, XGN15-12, HXGN15-12, KGN6-12, MNSG, GCS, GCK, GGD type, YBW□-prefabricated substation, RZDW DC power supply cabinet of intelligent high frequency switch, GXFW low voltage power harmonic elimination cabinet, R & D and manufacturing of RAPF low voltage active power filter device, R & D and manufacturing of transmission hardware & line and substation fittings, 0.22~500KV lightning arrester, 10~220KV high voltage isolation switch and grounding switch, insulator, R & D and manufacturing of the fuse, 110KV and below substations, EPC projects of transmission and distribution lines.
FCEEC adheres to market-oriented strategy and pays attention to product research and development. In recent years, the company attracts and cultivates talents, and actively carries out exchanges and cooperation with domestic famous universities, scientific research institutes, electric manufacturing companies, electrical automation companies and international renowned electric company. Through the close cooperation with domestic and foreign power companies and EPC contractors, the company has gradually formed a set of unique perfect operation system of power equipment supply and EPC service.
With the tenet of “pursuit of perfect quality, win the trust of the world”, FCEEC spares no effort to build up its core competence so that our customers can enjoy safe and reliable equipment, quick and convenient support services and smooth operation of EPC projects.
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