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  • 产品名称: 35KV Power Transformer
  • 上架时间: 2015-05-06

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The three-phase oil-immersed power transformer applies new type insulating structure and makes short-circuit resistance strong.
The iron core is made up of cold-rolled silicon-steel plate of high-quality.
HV winding group is made up of high-quality oxygen-free copper liner lines and it adopts multilayered drum type structure.
All fasteners have been processed with special treatment to prevent them from loosening
As high-tech product that promoted by the country, the product has many advantages such as high efficiency, low loss.
its social benefits are remarkable that it will save much of electricity consumption and operating cost.



GB 1094.1-1996
GB 1094.3-2003
GB/T 6451 -2008
GB/T 10237-1988
IEC 60076.1-2000
IEC 60076.5-2000
GB 1094.2-1996
GB 1094.5-2003
GB/T 7595-1987
GB/T 3837-1998
IEC 60076.3-2000
IEC 60076.2-1993


Height above sea level≤1000m
Ambient temperature:
Highest air temperature +40℃
Max daily average temperature +30℃
Max annual average temperature +20℃
Lowest air temperature -25℃


Height above sea level > I000m
Ambient temperature
Highest air temperature +50℃
Lowest air temperature -45℃
(To be defined in detail at ordering)

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