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The 110kV three phase oil-immersed ,on-load voltage regulation power transformer has been carried out a series of significant improvement in material, technology and construction, resulted in the characters of smaller size, lighter weight, lower loss, higher efficiency, lower noise level and reliable service which cut down a large amount of loss and operation cost, improve the economic benefit. It applies to power plant, substation, big-sized works, mine and chemistry factory, etc.


Product standard

GB1094.1-1996 IEC60076.1-2000
Power transformers part 1: General  
GB1094.2-1996 IEC60076.2-1993
Power transformers part 2: Temperature rise 
GB1094.3-2003 IEC60076.3-2000
Power transformers part 3: Insulation level, dielectric test and external clearances in air 
GB1094.5-2003 IEC60076.5-2000
Power transformers part 5: Ability to withstand short circuit  
Specification and technical requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformers

Normal Service Condition

Mounting: Outdoor
Ambient temperature: Max:﹢40℃; Min:﹣30℃
Altitude: ≤1000m (if altitude>1000m, the temperature rise will be modified)
Relative humidity: 90% (25°C)
Requirement for mounting location: Without corrosive gas or heavy dust, etc.

Dwnload :

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