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Transformer Reform

Power transformer operation safely and reliably directly affect the user's electricity load.
With the rapid development of the power grid, some old transformers exposed many problems in the operation, it has been unable to solve with simple maintenance that must be reformed/updated.
Transformer engineered to reduce consumption as the main purpose, so the reform/updated of the power transformer is energy saving substantially.
Transformer maintenance and transformer reform/updated always be combined, particularly reconstruction and troubleshooting, so the results of the reform not only in reducing losses, but also in the comprehensive benefits.
Nowadays, our company focuses on the following reform/updated items:
1_From OFTC (Off-circuit Tap-changer) to OLTC (On-load Tap-changer).
2_The winding from AL to Copper, same time, the capacity of transformer can be expanded and meet the item 1.
3_Cooling system updated or from Water to Air.
4_Voltage level changed according to repaired.
5_Coservator reformed or updated.
6_OLTC reformed or updated.

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